Extra Power for Extra Functionality

So sticky, you get attached

We love magnets. Yea right, so what, who doesn't. But we also feel that they need to serve more fulfilling purposes in our daily lives. That's why we design fridgnet magnets. Yes, we all love magnets. They never stop fascinating us. At fridgnet we believe that magnets are nature's gift to humanity, and they are meant to serve us.

Designed strong and ergonomic to serve multiple functions

Fridgnet grow with you and on you

So sticky you will grow attached to it. In fact it's so useful, it will become your favorite everyday carry (EDC) device in no time.

To be super you need more than super performance, you need a super look and design.

We also believe that the fridge doors are underutilized space

Our story begins with our obsession for magnets. We believe magnets are nature's magic for us to use and enjoy. We also love everything that has to do with fidget toys and devices - so we knew we had to combine the two passions.

After years of magnetinkering, we set designed the ultimate fidget magnet spinner - one you'll surely grow attached to.

The rare earth magnets we use are electrically charged in a special direction that enables them to simultaneous rotate and revolve around one another. This also creates the spin with that "pull" feeling we all love.

All our fidgets are handcrafted, so they also make great deco for the fridge.


A magnet you get attached to


Our magnets are not only useful, they are also gorgeous to look at as you sip your morning coffee.


When your office magnets are strong enough, the magnetic paper clip outperforms the conventional paper clip in every way.


Why not keep one in your pocket or on the shelf to keep your coins together and stay more organized.


Our extra think Stackers magnets make the ideal bookmark, and are also fun to hold while reading.


They will beautify your curtains while holding them at just the right place.


  • Keep Away from Children

    Magnets may be dangerous if ingested. In case of swallowing, seek medical attention. Keep away from children under 14 years of age.

  • Keep Away From Electical Devices

    Magnets can interrupt and damage electrical devices when placed too close. For safe usage, keep your spinner at least a few inches away.

  • Do not drop or throw your spinner

    We design our spinners for durability; but keep in mind that magnets are brittle and may break if dropped on hard surface.

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